Defining Cascadia Panel Discussion

Defining Cascadia Panel Discussion

Friday, May 17, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Defining Cascadia: Crossing borders to improve ecology, economy, and the arts in the Pacific Northwest


For Cascadia Culture Week, and on the eve of Cascadia Day, Cascadia Magazine and UpZones Podcast present a public panel discussion about thinking beyond borders in Cascadia—the bioregion that stretches from northern California to southeast Alaska. Join us for a lively conversation about how the concept of Cascadia can help us better understand a variety of issues across the region, whether it’s saving endangered orcas, fighting climate change, creating a regional high-speed rail corridor, or fostering dialogue between creative artists across the Pacific Northwest.

The talk, moderated by UpZones Podcast host Ian Martinez, will feature Andrew Engelson, editor of Cascadia Magazine, an online publication featuring journalism and arts from across the Northwest, Jonathan Hopkins, a founder of Cascadia Rail, which advocates for a regional high-speed rail system, Nadine Maestas, a poet engaged with bioregional concerns who serves on the board of the Cascadia Poetry Festival, and Tarika Powell, who works on issues related to pipelines and fossil fuels at Sightline Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability across Cascadia.

The event takes place on the eve of Cascadia Day. Every May 18, on the anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, people from across the bioregion celebrate the unique natural beauty and creative culture of Cascadia.

Ian Martinez with Upzones Podcast will be facilitating and recording a special episode of the podcast in co-operation with the Cascadia Underground. 

We are proud to host the event at Seattle Horizon Books, Seattle's oldest and longest running independent used bookstore.