Seattle Horizon Books

Horizon Books is Seattle’s longest running (and likely quirkiest) remaining independent used bookstore. Started in 1971 by life long capitol hill native and Comet Tavern hillebrity Don Glover on 15th, the store was a local Seattle staple for more than 47 years, with other stores growing into 65th and Roosevelt, 85th and Greenwood, before finally merging into an underground online annex on 10th & Pike in 2009, where he shared a space with David Brown and Recollection Books until early 2017.
Seattle Horizon Books now remains one of Seattle’s last used bookstores, and is kept alive by an active community of bibliophiles, dedicated to sifting through the thousands of boxes hidden away, and to opening it as a much needed community space for art walks, drawing groups, and the odd podcaster or two.
So take a venture down the ramp and come see what treasures you may find!